Sunblock Finance

What is a vehicle?


Vehicles is what makes Sunblock special. Each vehicle is a contract that is responsible for a specific investment target and nothing else. It will handle funding and reward gathering from that target.


A vehicle will make investments to its investment target when its best suited for best returns. It could be specific events, gas prices, market prices or nothing at all. All up to the vehicle manager to decide when the investment is done that is best for the vehicles return.
The funds for investments are dictated by the DAO by voting and funds are given out by the cube based on the vote.

Vehicle manager

A vehicle manager is a responsible party that maintains the vehicle investments and returns. A vehicle manager is paid a fee for any rewards generated by the vehicle thus, is incentivised to manage it as best he/she/they can.
Some vehicles cannot be fully automated in the contract, and need manual investment and reward claims. This will be the vehicle managers responsibility.
If a vehicle fails to perform, the DAO is within its right to either change manager or stop funding the vehicle all together.


All rewards earned by the vehicle is deposited as best suited by the vehicle. But a guideline is to not wait longer than one week for deposit if possible. However, some places, like Yield node, has a fixed monthly schedule that would need to be followed.
When the reward is deposited, it will wait there until the cube requests the funds to be transferred to it and later distributed to the shareholders.

I'm a visual learner

Example flow for a investment vehicle
Exact setup might not always look like this as all investment are slightly different.
Vehicle flow overview

Risk mitigation

As with everything, risk needs to be managed so that no funds are lost. That's why the DAO decides on what funding a vehicle should have to reduce a large investment amount to be lost with a bad actor.
When possible, we require a multi-sig wallet to hold the vehicles investments and it is co-signed by the community and the manager.
Each vehicle manager will be required to maintain detailed reporting to the DAO so to ensure no funds are lost. Usually done by a shared wallet address.