Sunblock Finance

What is Sunblock

Sunblock is a way for investors with modest resources to be able to invest in protocols that might be out of reach for the average user.

How does it work?

First we, as a community, decide in what we want to invest in and how much our target amount should be. It could be anything but preferably something that has an high entry bar. Then we deposit minimum 10USDT and it goes to that next investment.
10USDT gives you one share. Think of it as a community run savings account.
All shares are non-refundable at present time. This is due to some investments, like node projects, do not allow refunds them self. Future release will allow you to sell your shares but that will come ones we have a token released.
When the target amount is reached then Sunblock will, automatically, move the funds to the investment vehicle*. More on investment vehicles below.
The funds sent to the investment vehicle is then used to invest in the target investment it is set to invest in, let's say StrongBlock. This vehicles is now ONLY used for that and the rewards from the investments goes right back to the vehicle.
Investment vehicles does NOT need to be a Node investment. It can be anything at all that would benefit from a collaborative purchase.
Then, on a regular schedule, the rewards from all vehicles are collected by, what we call the cube, and is then distributed to all share holders, aka sunbathers.